This 2015 launch never fail my expectations. Let’s just say, I will piak this on myself after tiring day. You know, when you go out with kid and have to bring out many stuff and your kid still wants you to hold her hand. Other hand is full of stuff (read: groceries à I am so auntie now), the other hand is packed food (because I wake up late most of the time and no time to cook lunch) and I have to assign one finger to hold her hand. Oh yes, I manage to do that. A bit of accomplishment if I must say.
But reaching home, my body is sore and tired. So I piak this wonderful gel and top up with PanAway for extra strength. I just don’t want my muscles to cry the next day. True enough, my muscles (and body) thank me the next day. No sore muscles and I can do same trick again (IF I want to).
Another trick for this gel is it can function as chest rub. YES, chest rub. It’s cooling because of aloe leaf extract, however, the oils inside can be hot. My friend told me that she put V6 first before putting this gel on her girl to support her respiratory system. She could sleep well that night.
Cool Azul Gel contains 10% of its essential oil blend, Cool Azul EO. 10% is pretty powerful, that’s why it works wonder to help my parents to walk after a day out.
Let’s check out the ingredients inside
Peppermint essential oil – I am sure most of you are familiar with this. I have friends who swear by Peppermint to relieve their occasional headaches. For me, I love to use Peppermint to support digestive system. My girl loves to ask for Peppermint when she’s sitting on the “throne” with red face.
Wintergreen – pretty well known for bones and muscles support. It’s good to support respiratory system too.
Sage oil – used for respiratory, digestive, and hormonal support
Lavender essential oil – need I say more? Lavender is all rounded oil. Great for skin support, digestive, respiratory, hormonal support and many more!
Blue Cypress oil – Supports circulation, digestive and immune system.
Elemi – Supports respiratory system, skin health, and calm nerves.
Vetiver – Supports healthy joints, aids in focus and attention, help to induce restful sleep.
Wow, with this many benefits, Cool Azul Gel is not only for muscles and joints supports! I would say, I will definitely use it to support respiratory and digestive system!

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